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Dead Eye Designs (DED) proudly announces its expansion into the US market, a significant milestone in the company's growth trajectory. The entry into the US market has granted DED access to a vast pool of new customers, partnerships, and growth opportunities. Active efforts have been made towards creating new designs for various companies in the US, and DED has also sponsored some new shooters in the country.


DED is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services that meet its clients' preferences and satisfaction. This has led to an increased demand for DED's products in the US market, and as a result, the company is currently working on developing new products that cater to the US market's specific needs and preferences. DED is also exploring the creation of merchandising agreements with interested companies to further expand its reach and impact in the US market.


Participation in SHOT Show has played a critical role in establishing and developing strong partnerships with local companies. DED has placed a significant focus on creating a deep understanding of the local culture and business practices to build credibility with customers. This strategy has allowed DED to create a strong brand presence in the US market and position itself as a trusted partner to its customers.


DED's expansion into the US market has opened up a world of new opportunities for the company to grow and increase the impact of its business by adopting opportunities with different companies. DED is excited to continue exploring these opportunities and looks forward to establishing new partnerships and relationships in the US market.










Dead Eye Designs (DED) is participating in the  2023 NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo this July 10-12 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This mid-year expo connects retailers and ranges with the leading brands and businesses of the firearm industry. This NSSF event can provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities for companies to build and sustain their business operations. 


Dead Eye Designs — a leading design and manufacturing company — is excited to continue building its network and business operations in the United States. Having participated in multiple SHOT Show conventions, DED is looking to expand its reach nationwide. While DED already ships orders across the United States, this Range-Retailer Expo will be their first convention in the East Coast.




 DEAD EYE DESIGNS has announced their collaboration with the Crosbyton Pigout event to create an exclusive collection of apparel. The collection will feature two original shirts, one exclusively for event participants and another for event goers. Both shirts will be available for purchase exclusively through DEAD EYE DESIGNS’ website, www.ded.store. Fans of the brand and event can now look forward to owning a piece to remember the event with these exclusive shirts.
Dead Eye Designs is a custom apparel brand that has been creating unique designs for businesses and events for many years. Their collaboration with the Crosbyton Pigout event is just one example of their dedication to creating custom apparel that showcases the best of local design.



We are excited to announce that Dead Eye Designs was present at the SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas this year. It was an excellent opportunity for us to network and connect with many great people in the business. We have had the privilege of meeting with some fantastic clients, and we're delighted to have the chance to work with them. 

We're currently working on the designs we've discussed with our new clients, and some of those designs have already been featured on our Instagram. We're thrilled to be creating more designs for the tactical shooting community. At this time, we're pleased to say that Dead Eye Designs is becoming more well-known and building a growing presence in the United States.

We're passionate about creating custom designs, whether it be for firearms, gear or apparel, and we look forward to continuing to work with our clients to bring their visions to life. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and designs from Dead Eye Designs.


Dead Eye Designs (DED) is a premium lifestyle and technical apparel brand for the MARKSMAN. We design and manufacture products inspired by practical and tactical shooting for our fellow gun owners and enthusiasts.We take inspiration from what we see around us and transform them into products that show off and support our lifestyle. Shooters that see our shirt designs just "get it". They then start to appreciate the quality of construction and technology that we put into our products.

Dead Eye Designs (DED) and Eemann Tech Shirt is based on our DED Technical Classic Shirts. It features breathable side panels, 2 way stretch, semi fitted! 

Dead Eye Designs (DED) and Eemann Tech Rash Guard is based on our DED Technical Classic Shirts. It features breathable and stretchable body, fitted! 


Dead Eye Designs (DED) and Eemann Tech Rifle Gun Case features durable and high-quality gun case in dual purpose, with dual-shoulder and hand-carry strap!